For Leaders

Effective leadership is the single greatest contributor to high quality teaching and learning.

The programmes have been designed to build leadership capability for those who already hold positions of responsibility and those who aspire to be leaders in the future.

Programmes for 2019 include:

Building leadership capability workshop series: This is a series of six related 2-hour workshops designed to support leaders to work in ways consistent with the Teaching Council’s Educational leadership capability framework. Teachers often move into leadership roles without sufficient preparation for this role. These workshops will build your capability to effectively lead the teaching and learning in your centre.

Appraisal for teachers: We work in a range of ways to support leaders to develop robust appraisal systems and the skills to appraise teachers effectively.

Aligning centre systems: A 3 hour workshop that will help you align the key processes of strategic/annual planning, internal evaluation and appraisal to ensure effective, efficient and cohesive systems that achieve your centre goals.

Mentor development programme: Mentoring is an important role requiring a specific set of skills and knowledge. This programme will develop your capability as an effective mentor and is suitable for those acting as associate teachers, mentoring provisionally certificated teachers or leading teams.

Leading learning focused conversations: This workshop provides an introduction to several conversation frameworks that enable professional discussion to keep teaching and learning as the central focus. It will examine the key principles behind having (the sometimes tricky) conversations that result in improving teaching practice and outcomes for children while also maintaining the relationships with those you work with.

Leading with purpose:  Support to develop your ability to improve cohesion and a sense of purpose within your team so that you are able to work productively together to provide a high quality curriculum for children.

Leadership coaching/mentoring: One on one leadership coaching and development to build leadership capability in a personal and targeted way.

Professional leaders’ appraisal: Our facilitator will work with you as an external appraiser supporting your inquiry into leadership practice. We will ensure that your appraisal process meets the expectations of the Teaching Council, therefore enabling you to maintain your full practising certificate.

Leading a learning culture:This is a four hour workshop presented in partnership with the Early Childhood Council. It focuses on developing skills and strategies to establish a culture of on-going learning and improvement within your teaching team.

Developing strategic and annual plans: You will be supported through in-centre consultation to identify strategic priorities for your centre and to action plan for their effective implementation. We will provide a structure for you to use to develop your strategic planning and assist you to break strategic goals down into achievable annual plans.

Consultancy: We will work with you either face to face or via Skype and using our coaching and mentoring to support the development of any aspect of your leadership practice. You determine the focus and frequency of our meetings with you.