Professional Leaders’ Appraisal

A centre owner/manager who wishes to maintain a full practicing certificate must be involved in an ongoing appraisal system where they demonstrate in practice and have evidence of meeting the ‘Standards for the Teaching Profession’ (Education Council, 2017).

Our experienced facilitators can work with you as external appraisers. Centred on a leadership inquiry, our work with you will support you to lead teaching and learning in increasingly effective ways. Your appraisal process will include observations of and feedback on your leadership practice, scheduled professional conversations and evaluation of your practice and associated evidence with reference to the Standards for the Teaching Profession. We will work with you to ensure that your evidence of practice is both robust and time efficient.

We are committed to building capacity within the sector so that professional leaders conduct appraisal in robust ways that support the professional growth of others and positively affect outcomes for children’s learning. Therefore, an alternative way of conducting your appraisal is to have us support you and another professional leader to appraise each other.  Our facilitator will guide you, ensuring that your appraisal process meets the expectations of the Teaching Council and ERO. We will assist you with goal development and action planning to ensure that you are well placed to lead the learning of both teachers and children.

As the only ECE facilitators on the Teaching Council’s appraisal and Code and Standards PLD projects, we are very well versed in the requirements for leader and teacher appraisals.

The benefits to you:

  • Assurance that you are meeting current expectations for professional leaders’ appraisal
  • The chance to develop your own skills as an effective appraiser
  • The opportunity to connect with an external appraiser with the expertise to support and challenge your leadership practice
  • A meaningful appraisal process focused on inquiry
  • Support with the inquiry process and documentation expectations
  • Evaluation of practice and evidence referencing the Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • An annual summary appraisal report

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It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.