Supporting children’s social competence and self regulation

This focus can be divided into two parts. The first examining the teacher’s role in supporting children’s developing social competence and the second focusing on supporting children’s self regulation. The content can be facilitated in a number of different formats. Contact us to discuss what would suit you best.

There will be an emphasis on teachers examining their role in supporting children to become socially competent citizens . By asking “Is the way I respond to behaviour supporting children’s learning to become socially and emotionally competent?” teachers will identify alternative ways of responding to children’s behaviour.

Content includes:

  • examination of your  current responses to challenging behaviour
  • an introduction to teaching strategies and approaches to support children’s social competence and self-regulation
  • identification of factors that contribute to children’s behaviour
  • exploration of behaviour management, positive guidance and social competence perspectives
  • alternative strategies for responding to children’s behaviour
  • realistic scenarios and the opportunity to discuss context specific issues and problem solve with others
  • examination of your  current understanding of self regulation
  • defining and clarifying self regulation
  • examination of physical and interactional environments that support social competence and self regulation