Leading Learning Conversations in ECE

THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT, but email us to check whether  a space has become available.

Do you ever ask yourself …..

  • How can I inspire teachers to grow?
  • How can I confidently address poor practice?
  • How can I support teachers to be reflective?
  • Why aren’t teachers doing what is expected?
  • How can I foster a culture of commitment and passion?

This interactive workshop will provide you with a range of strategies that you can implement in your teams to keep conversations focused on what makes a positive difference to children’s learning and well-being. You will be supported to strengthen your ability to identify what is most important for the learning of children and teachers and to have conversations that encourage teachers to reflect on and develop their practice. If you want to hone your skills as an appraiser, a leader and/or a professional this day is for you!

Teachers’ workshop series: curriculum and pedagogy:
This is a series of related workshops that explore key aspects of teaching practice, curriculum and pedagogy with a focus on assessment, planning and evaluation. The PLD is presented in two modes: a series of five 2-hour evening workshops or two Saturday workshops. Although maximum benefit will be gained by participants attending all five sessions, each of the workshops is designed to stand alone. Participants can choose any combination or all of the sessions as they wish.

Teachers’ workshop series: professional practice: This is a series of three workshops drawing on the Standards for the Teaching Profession as a key point of reference. You can access this in two ways: a series of three 2 hour evening workshops or a whole day Saturday workshop covering material from all three sessions. Workshops will include discussion about how evidence of your teaching practice might be used to inform your future decisions and to demonstrate the standards for appraisal and certification. Each workshops stands alone but they are designed so, that together, they support all aspects of professional practice, as defined by the standards. This workshop series is designed for teachers wishing to gain a greater understanding of the Standards for the Teaching Profession in practice, including provisionally certificated teachers.

Leaders’ workshops: We offer a range of workshops for professional leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles. These workshops cover a range of popular topics supporting leaders to enact their roles effectively.


Any of the above workshops can also be provided in your centre. We can facilitate a workshop for your teaching team or you could host a workshop with a focus relevant to you and invite other centres/teachers to attend. Centres who have worked in this way have often covered the cost in return for providing the venue and liaising with inspirED ECE to organise the workshop. InspirED ECE is able to support you to advertise the workshop.



The Early Childhood Council contracts us to provide a range of professional learning workshops for teachers across the North Island. If you have or know of a professional learning need or interest in your part of the country, please let us know

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