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inspirED ECE is an independent professional learning provider.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, research-informed professional learning programmes and support to early childhood teachers and leaders. Enhancing outcomes for children is central to all that we do. Therefore,  our core purpose is to support teachers to evaluate and improve practice so that they can more effectively contribute to quality outcomes for the children and families with whom they work.
inspirED ECE is led by Barbara Watson and Bridgit Williams who are both qualified, certificated ECE teachers and experienced professional learning facilitators with an extensive range of expertise in the education sector.

In centre, whole team learning programmes

In-centre, whole team programmes are the most effective way to create common understandings in your team and to develop strategies together to implement improvements in practice.

For leaders

Effective leadership is the single greatest contributor to high quality teaching and learning.

We offer a range of programmes and services designed to build leadership capability for those who already hold positions of responsibility and those who aspire to be leaders in the future.

Online services

We offer a wide range of webinars in partnership with ECE Learning Unlimited. You are able to participate in the webinars live and receive the recording afterwards or you can choose to purchase the recording only.

For mentor/associate teachers

Supporting teachers to be the best they can be is a critical role if we are to serve children well.

Our mentor development services ensure that you are well-positioned to help others become increasingly effective teachers.