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Services we offer:

Professional growth cycles

System review and cycle development

Inquiry - the centrepiece of professional growth

The leaders' role in the professional growth cycle

Roll-out and implementation

Understanding the standards for the teaching profession

ECE centre systems

Development of strategic goals

The skills of strategic thinking

Aligning systems to maximise results


Leadership development programme

On-call support

Leadership coaching and mentoring

Professional learning groups

Induction and mentoring

Mentor development programme

System design and support

Mentoring the mentors

In-centre, whole team programmes

Assessment and curriculum design (3 parts)

Customised programme on a focus of your choice

Guided internal evaluation (3 parts)

Guided teacher inquiry

In-centre, whole team workshops

Philosophy review and development

Meaningful, manageable documentation

Evaluation - the what, why and how?

Where to next with dispositions?

Customised focus of your choice

Tiriti-based practice

Using Te Whariki in everyday practice

Using children’s inquiries as a basis for curriculum

Fundamental teaching strategies

Effective teamwork and communication

Using teacher inquiry to ensure quality outcomes

Aligning your environment with your priorities for learning

Supporting children’s self-regulation in a social world

Other Services


Kahui Ako PLD provision

Support for schools implementing play-based curriculum

Identifying priorities for professional learning

External observation and feedback

Parent evening presentations

PLD for educators in home-based services