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Advice and guidance for leaders

Consultancy (face to face) – $180 per hour    Consultancy (Zoom) – $100 per hour

Many leaders of ECE services have told us that they sometimes feel isolated in their roles and don’t have the support they need. If you find yourself in this position, one of our facilitators will work with you to support to provide the very best in pedagogical leadership to your team. We can do this in whatever way works best for you. Our involvement can range from an occasional phone call or face to face meeting to seek advice, support or to bounce ideas to an immersive programme of support. 

We have had recent success working with a number of services to establish and refine systems such as strategic/annual planning, internal evaluation, induction and mentoring and assessment/curriculum design. We have also worked alongside their leadership teams to build their capacity to effectively lead curriculum and pedagogy. Our aim with advice and guidance programmes is to provide support and build capacity, rather than to create an on-going dependence on us.