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Our Values

We have four core values that guide our ways of working: relationships, responsiveness, collaboration, commitment

We pride ourselves in our ability to be responsive to the interests and aspirations of the ECE community. We regularly seek feedback from the ECE community and use this to plan professional learning opportunities that address the learning needs and interests of teachers and leaders. We acknowledge the diverse range of services and collaborate with centres and organisations to design approaches and content that will best suit them.

It is important to us that authentic professional relationships are established and maintained. We support teams to establish effective communities of learners, working and learning with and alongside teachers in the planning and engagement of professional learning. The success of our work is due, in part, to our knowledge and understanding of what works to support teachers to change, develop and grow in ways that will benefit their practice and therefore children’s learning.

We are committed to strengthening professionalism within the ECE sector and recognise the importance of working with teams to assist them to be engaged and knowledgeable members of the teaching profession.