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Using He Mapuna te Tamaiti to support social competence

2 hours – $599

He Mapuna te Tamaiti is an MoE resource designed for kaiako in early learning settings. It promotes proactive, intentional approaches to supporting the development of children’s social and emotional competence.

This workshop is structured around the four key areas of the document and will provide opportunities to examine and discuss the place that children’s developing social competence has in Te Whariki and, therefore, curriculum provision in your service. The content and approach will encourage teachers to examine their role in supporting children to become socially competent. By asking “is the way I respond to children’s behaviour supporting children’s learning to become socially and emotionally competent?” teachers will identify alternative ways of responding to children’s behaviour. Teachers will be supported to identify key strategies and approaches that will assist them in supporting social and emotional learning.

We also deliver this material in webinar form accessible here. Should you choose this option we recommend a facilitated follow up meeting, either via Zoom or face to face, to contextualise your learning for your team. Email to make arrangements.