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Face to face consultation – $180 per hour          Email/Phone/Zoom consultation – $100 per hour

We provide a customised consultancy service that is responsive to your needs. If you have an aspect of your centre operation that you would like expert input into, contact us and we will work with you to address your needs. We customise our approach especially for you and will work with you to reach the outcome you are looking for.

Talk to us about what you want to achieve. You don’t need to know exactly what you want/need. We can work with you to identify professional learning solutions. Some areas we have worked with others on are:


  • Development of strategic and annual plans
  • Designing and implementing appraisal and induction and mentoring systems
  • Centre systems review and subsequent recommendations
  • Identifying priorities for professional learning

Identifying priorities for professional learning

Face to face consultation – $180 per hour          Email/Phone/Skype consultation – $100 per hour

In any context there can be competing priorities and it can be challenging to identify what is most important. There is only so much time and money to go around! Research clearly shows that improvements in practice are most likely to occur when  teachers undertake professional learning, that is specifically contextualised for their service, together as a team. 

We can help you to identify what is most important from a range of apparently competing priorities and what professional learning focus will be most useful in contributing to the outcomes you want.


External observation and feedback

$180 per hour

If you would like one of our facilitators to come into your service as a set of ‘outside eyes’ we can do that for you. We spend time in your centre observing for alignment between your centre philosophy and teachers’ practice or any focus you would like feedback on. In the past, centres have asked for feedback on such things as teamwork, the extent to which interactions with children support their learning and how well the curriculum provides for all age groups.

Feedback is given in a non-judgemental and supportive way and we will aid you to use the information we share with you to develop the next steps towards further strengthening teaching and learning.

Parent evening presentations

1 hour presentation – $399

Our facilitators often present at ECE centre parent evenings as guest speakers. Common topics include supporting children’s social competence and introduction to Te Whāriki. Content is adapted for a parent audience and presented in an appealing format. We can also customise content on other topics to meet your needs.

Kahui Ako PLD provision

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We have experience work with ECE and cross-sector Kahui Ako, bringing expert ECE perspectives to the table.

In the past, we have delivered sessions aimed at making visible alignment between Te Whāriki and the New Zealand curriculum and supporting collaborative inquiry into aspects of practice. We have also been contracted by MOE to work in depth with ECE Kahui Ako in areas such as leadership and effective transitions. 

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your group’s needs.


Support for schools implementing play-based curriculum

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Supporting children’s learning through the provision of an authentic play-based curriculum is a practice that is fast gaining traction in the junior classes of primary schools. We have vast experience supporting quality play-based curriculum in ECE, and several of our facilitators have experience as primary school teachers. Drawing on this skill and experience, we are well-positioned to aid school teachers to understand and implement effective play-based pedagogy in their classrooms.


 PLD for home-based ECE services

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inspirED ECE recognises that home based services differ from centre based ECE services in several significant ways. We know that the usual professional learning opportunities available to ECE teachers are not always relevant to the home based context. In response to this we provide professional learning opportunities specifically designed for home based education and care services. Our work with home based services is contextualised to acknowledge the unique context of home based ECE.

We have worked extensively with several home based services to manage personnel performance, improve curriculum quality and to guide services successfully through ERO reviews. As well as collaboratively design PLD for visiting teachers and educators and present at organisation wide hui and conferences.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your unique needs.