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Leading learning conversations

Effective leaders are influential in supporting the improvement of teaching and learning in their services. They are leaders of learning. However, developing a centre culture where improvement is a key focus is not always easy.

Do you ever ask yourself …..

  • How can I inspire teachers to grow?
  • How can I confidently address poor practice?
  • How can I support teachers to be reflective?
  • Why aren’t teachers doing what is expected?
  • How can I foster a culture of commitment and passion?

This interactive workshop will provide you with a range of strategies that you can implement in your teams to keep conversations focused on what makes a positive difference to children’s learning and well-being. You will be supported to strengthen your ability to identify what is most important for the learning of children and teachers and to have conversations that encourage teachers to reflect on and develop their practice. If you want to hone your skills as an appraiser, a leader and/or a professional this day is for you!

This workshop does not have any scheduled dates at the moment. However we can provide this workshop in your centre for a group – please get in touch to discuss this.