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The skills of strategic thinking

Face to face consultation (Auckland) – $180 per hour

Email/phone/Skype consultation – $100 per hour

As a positional leader in your centre or service, you have the responsibility for overseeing the on-going improvement of teaching and learning. This requires a long-term, strategic focus. Being in these roles also means that you may need someone outside of your teaching team with whom you can bounce ideas or explore possibilities with. 

Do you have something significant and potentially complex that you want to achieve?  Do you need someone to troubleshoot your ideas and provide feedback about how they might be strengthened to ensure the outcome you want?

One of our skilled facilitators can work alongside you to support your strategic thinking around particular issues of practice or areas for improvement. We will assist you to clarify your desired outcomes, identify prerequisite skills and knowledge needed, action-plan for change and plan appropriate allocation of resources.